Home visits and care homes


We also offer physiotherapy assessments, treatment, recommendations and advice for adults of any age where treatment in their home is more suitable.

This could include having undergone recent surgery, recovery from recent hospital admission or illness, a fall or recurrent falls, fractures and injuries including fractured hips and back pain. You may also find it more useful to have a visit in the comfort and convenience of your own home.

The first visit will usually involve a full medical history and comprehensive assessment. Your physiotherapist will discuss with you any recommendations and a treatment programme tailored to your needs. Goals can be set based on the programme and any problems in achieving them. You will be informed of the visit duration and costs at this time.

We use a range of techniques in rehabilitation and treatment plans which could include

  • exercise programmes
  • mobility training
  • balance re-education
  • falls prevention advice
  • functional activity training
  • outdoor mobility
  • stairs practice
  • confidence building
  • education and advice
  • relaxation techniques
  • stretching and massage
We also have portable equipment such as steps, exercise balls, etc to aid rehabilitation.


Physiotherapy can be incredibly beneficial to both the residents and staff of care homes. We offer varying levels of physiotherapy provision which can either be on a regular basis or just as required.

For further information and a physiotherapy visit call 01243 544333 to arrange an appointment.


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